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Ecological World for life GmbH (EWL) is a European-established company, with headquarters in Berlin and Madrid. We specialize in studying the molecular reactions of mineral carbonation.

Our core team consists of top scientists; experts in fields ranging from theoretical physics, and biochemistry to advanced engineering and ecology. We work to advance research on Carbon-Capture-Utilization (CCU), and strive to develop novel mineral carbonation techniques and NOx neutralization. Thanks to years of prototyping and intensive research, we have created and matured breakthrough processes that allow us to safely capture greenhouse gases (COx and NOx) and transform them into marketable, innocuous minerals.

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Elevated levels of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere have negatively influenced the planet’s temperature and led us into a global climate change crisis. In accordance to the Paris Agreement, all UNFCCC parties have accede to the goal of limiting global warming increase averages to well below 2°C, ideally as low as 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

Our planet produces the equivalent of 40 GtCO2 every year.

This translates to 1268 tons per second.

What is CO2 ?

Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring molecular compound. Ordinarily, carbon dioxide is an elemental piece of the atmosphere that surrounds our planet. Carbon molecules are an essential part of the air we breathe, our planet's ocean, and the land we inhabit.

CO2 is one of Earth’s greenhouse gases. Called as such, because as part of Earth's atmosphere, these gases trap solar energy and keep the world at habitable temperatures. Despite its importance, uncontrolled increases in atmospheric CO2 associated with human activities pose a grave threat to our planet.

Mineral Carbonation

The treatment and use of carbon dioxide has been the subject of increasing attention in recent years. Notably, as a potential driver to develop carbon capture utilization technologies.

CCU (carbon capture and utilization) is a process that entails capturing and diluting CO2 particles that reside in the atmosphere, exhaust gases or sources of pure CO2 output, to be later transformed into valuable minerals.

The allure of CO2 mineral carbonation is straightforward; instead of paying third parties to dispose of CO2 in ways that ultimately harm the planet, businesses that generate moderate to large amounts of CO2 can profit from emissions, while at the same time avoiding atmospheric pollution and associated penalties.


Captures up to 99% of CO2

Mineral carbonation is a breakthrough development for traditionally polluting industries, making CO2 sequestration commercially attractive, as the residue generated by our process is valuable raw material that plays an important role in certain niche applications and manufacturing processes.

At the heart of our innovative technology lies an integral device containing modules that trigger specific reactions, transforming CO2 through chemical and biochemical operations.

Our technology satisfies the following criteria:

  • Reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Generates minerals of high stability, which can be used commercially; leading to the posibility of producing an income from the reduction of COemissions.
  • Generates innocuous and stable mineral bonds.
  • Minimizes carbon footprint.

Our expertise in fields such as fluid dynamical simulations, along with the use of state-of-the-art technologies allow us to optimize the chemical reactions of greenhouse gases. Fluid dynamics simulations make it possible to predict how the physical-mechanical-chemical deposition and transformation system will function and react under real operating conditions.

The capture rates are impartially measured by independent third-party entities in Europe.

Our Carbon-Capture-Utilization Concept combines a selective and stable CO2-Tranformation, while simultaneously producing valuable high-purity minerals.

COx/NOx Trap



Other Organic Combustions

Marketable by-products


Decontaminated air
Clean cities and industry
Reduction of CO2 emissions

Negative-carbon emission Process


Our technology is suitable for air decarbonization in homes and cities, as well as the automobile, maritime and other industrial sectors.

  • Our technology does not depend on toxic organic solvents (amines). Instead we use a solid, absorptive system in the transformation process.
  • Chemical reactions in the carbonation process are all exothermic; no energy is required for the transformation to take place.
  • The carbonation process can be performed directly with flue gases, making the expensive task of capturing CO2 emissions superfluous.

We reduce overall financial costs for the consumer and environmental costs for the planet.

Our patented technology can be used in both industrial and urban areas, offering an effective solution to unnatural climate alterations by enabling profitable, commercially viable CO2 capture methods through a unique mineralization process.

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